Our Services

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Our Services

We provides Mechanical Services such as Engine Overhauling, Piping Jobs, Fabrication/Welding Services, Hydro blasting, Hull Repairs, Manpower, Carpentry, Electrician, Plumbing & Repairs

Engine Overhauling

We provides Best Engine Overhaul Services in Dubai

Piping Jobs

We provides Best Piping Jobs Services in Dubai


Best fabrication/ welding services with qualified welders and fabricators

Hydro blasting

We provides hydro blasting tailored solutions for all your needs

Hull Repairs

We provides hull repairs service with the best packages and quality services


We provides manpower with the best packages and quality services of all time


We provides creative Workmanship of carpentry according to your needs


We provides Workmanship for Electrician, so tell us your requirement

Plumbing & Repairs

Providing a complete range of high-quality repair and maintenance services