AZURE CORAL Ships & Boats Maintenance Services LLC

أزور كورال لخدمات صيانة السفن والقوارب ذ.م.م.

We provides Mechanical Services such as Engine Overhauling, Piping Jobs, Fabrication/Welding Services, Hydro blasting, Hull Repairs, Manpower, Carpentry, Electrician, Plumbing & Repairs

Who we are ?


We provide great services

AZURE CORAL Ships & Boats Maintenance Services LLC believes in completing hardest jobs on time, within budget and quality. Safety With Delivery of jobs on time is the main focus of the company in the present competitive market. Our principal activities are to providing a complete range of reliable and high-quality repair and maintenance services for the local and international ship owners and ship management companies at all UAE Ports.

We also deliver services to customers in industrial sector including manpower and technical services.

We have skilled Workforce with workshop facility and equipment’s. We are operating from our office in Garhoud DUBAI to all over UAE.